How community involvement can boost fundraising for schools

Field Day

A field day is a fun summer fundraising idea that all your students will want to attend. You can sell tickets for the event and have students play games like tug-of-war.

Raise more money for your school by selling food, drinks, and school merchandise to the students and teachers that attend.


Bring a classic game to your school and money to your fundraising pockets with a good old-fashioned night of bingo.

It’s a game that’s simple to understand, so the youngest students can take part. This type of fundraiser is best suited for elementary school students, but can work for middle fundraising for schools, too.

Bingo is a simple event to set up, and parents are often willing to provide refreshments and snacks to get the party going. Offering small trinkets can be a great incentive to win for the younger kids, and edible treats or gift certificates can be ideal prizes.

You can charge $5 to get into the fundraising for schools or charge per game.

Musical Chairs

Did you know that you can turn a game of fundraising for schools chairs into a fundraiser? All you’ll need to do is set up a circle of chairs and play some music. Participants will pay to enter, and they’ll need to find a chair to sit in when the music stops. If you’re playing with young adults, raise the stakes by asking for a small donation from every person who gets “out.”

The last participant standing (or sitting!) will win a prize!

Pick an Egg

A  Pick an Egg fundraiser usually works best with younger students. It can be played during any time of the year, but works best around Easter and springtime.

Basically, you’ll fill plastic eggs with small prizes. If you’re appealing to younger students, you can include things like yo-yos or other small toys.

Then, charge students and faculty who want to “pick an egg” to, well, pick an egg!

You can set up multiple tables with fundraising for schools of eggs throughout the hallways and near school entrances. Students will enjoy getting a prize before or during the school day, and you’ll generate a little extra money for your school.

Cake Walk

A cake walk is an easy fundraising idea for schools. Simply set up a circle of papers or stepping stones that each have a number on them. Play some music and have your participants walk around the circle. When the music stops, your participants will look at the number they’re standing on and they’ll receive a prize that corresponds to that number.

To make money, charge each participant a small fee for participating in the cake walk. We suggest you ask local businesses to donate prizes to your cake walk.